explaining the cell counting device explaining working of microscope final year student poster presentation GL  Dr.V.Ramakrishna,YVU 2014-2015 GL Smt.kalpana 2013-2014 GL smt.kalpana 2014-2015 instrumentation instrumentation in lab kodur workshop Memo presentation to Dr.V.Ramakrishna microbiological work our department at inspire sept 2014 our student explaining replication in inspire our student P.Aparna recieving certificate our students at national symposium at kurnool poster presented on alzhmier's disease poster presented on poly clonal antibody production poster presented on waste management rims medi fest ... rims medi fest rims medi fest. rims medifest... second year students poster presentation on protein profiling showing the structures of csrbohydrates students attended foer workshp at kodur working at LAF at kodur workshop binocular microscopic observation biotechnology lab boiling water bath demonstration in lab electrophoresis equipment explaining about paper electrophoresis kit