It is a privilege to welcome you all to the most prestigious women’s institution of learning, the only Degree College for Women, under the Management of the Government in Dr.Y.S.R.District. The destiny of a nation depends upon the youth of that country. It is a great opportunity given to serve the latent and dynamic young women is this college. At the same time it is a serious responsibility to mould the minds of young students.
Our prime aim is to impart quality education to the women students. Further, the spirit of freedom, truthfulness and righteousness are being infused to the young women, which in turn influence the society. All the efforts, through curricular and extra-curricular activities, are being undertaken to shape each individual student into a responsible citizen, to play different roles in their life canvass. Sincere attempts are made that our students graduate with subject knowledge, skills and more importantly the human values of love, sharing and understanding the people and society around. The team of Lecturers always aim and strive sincerely towards the direction of all round development of the students.
Hardwork and discipline are the two principles followed in all the academic and other pursuits to enable the women students to excell in their lives.

I hope our students are competent to support themselves and also reach out to help the community.

My whole hearted best wishes to all the students and parents.

Smt P.PADMAVATHI, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,