7.(C). Mega Lok Adalath 8. (A). Students interacting with DTO, Kadapa 8. (B). Field visit to Collectorate 8. (B). Field Visit to District Court Complex 9. National Integrational Day 10. (A). National Voters Day 10. Social Extension - Voter Registration 11. Guest Lecture by Dr. P. Hari Prasad 11.(A). Guest Lecture by Smt. C. Bharathi Eenadu & WEC discussion on 'fruits of indepndence' hygeine awareness program and distributionof intiwash kits to students participation of lecturer in political science Smt.V.Nagarathanamma in  Melo evaru koteeswarudu on Feb 2015 women empowerement cell 1. PPT Classes by Smt.V. Nagarathnamma, lect in Ps 2 (A). R. Lakshmi Prasanna III BA 2. Human Rights Day Dec 10th 2014 3. College Talk Radio by S. Nirmala III B.A.[T.M.] 4. NAAC Visit March 2014 5. Parliament model by III B.A. HEP students 6. National Seminar at YVU Kadapa February 2014 7. (B).  Mega Lok Adalat 7. Student Study Project on Prajavani 7.(A). Student Study Project on Mee Seva lightroom lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.1